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Kinematic Architecture | Design Museum Houston

“Geometry in motion” is a paradigm in which the architectural language and tectonic manifestations of an object gain resonance and operate within the duality of presence and context. This type of poly-performative structure can be contextualized within the directives of Kinematic Viscosity, the analytics and mechanics of motion within points, (bodies)objects, & systems. The project examines this Kinematic play of horizontal fluctuations and the bifurcation in massing components. By creating a dynamic system that operates as a continuous fluid body, the plan of operation and multifunctional programs flow and overlap creating a hybrid composite of boundaries and tectonics. This allows both a separation and opportunities of intermingling for display and exhibition layout. The dual function of the architecture is to display art and various fields of design objects for the greater education of design appreciation, in its methods, technique, and meaning.As a project of speculation on g…

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