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Hyperloop Campus Design Proposal

The Hyperloop campus is a vision of future transit and research facilities.   An architectural synthesis of aerodynamic fluxes, morphing the tectonic body into a series of hyperbolic folds and double curvatures. A hybrid structure with flexible spaces and grand ceiling heights for prototyping. The main building proposal includes a transit station, residential apartments, classrooms, engine research center, exhibition areas, laboratories, offices, and lecture hall. The residential portion sits at the southeast end of the headquarters as a double shelled enclosure. This is to provide a tent like approach to shield the residential housing from excessive sun and heat. The residential apartment sits within the shell structure with open edges to provide ventilation. Situated under the shade, internally contains cascading balconies of plants and water for evaporative cooling. To the west of the site is a functioning hyperloop station which also connects to the main campus and test tracks. T

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