The Abu Dhabi Commercial and Cultural Expo Center

The method and means of tectonic principles that govern the dispersion of mass and surface in the project proposal are subject to folding and overlapping of curved tectonic bodies. These tectonic and massing arrangements are intended to create paths of intersection and to architecturally express a forward movement projected toward the sea. The architectural formation is governed by articulation of space for the purpose of international expositions and cultural showcases. Retail and entertainment are also integrated as part of the seascape dynamic Expo Center. As the multi-massed complex is a dispersion of activates ranging from shopping, dining, expositions, and yacht clubs, it transforms the edge of Abu Dhabi into an iconic sea formation. Iconic architectural expressions within the proposal are articulated in the sail composition of being in flight at the precipice of the sea. The flowing sail architectural node within the complex becomes the epicenter of the showcase functions while enhancing the viewing, dining, and entertainment experience.


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